Adventures in Pictures: BLW

Adventures in Pictures BLW

Mango and Avocado

Grace is doing awesome with food. She loves to eat and gets pretty mad if any of us eat and are not prepared to feed her as well. She also loves having her seat pulled up at the table with the entire family and eating with us at meal time. She is all smiles during that time. We are on baby number 3 with no purees and we still love this form of food introduction and find it a quick and easy way to get her fed. Plus, she just seems so happy for every meal. For more information on Baby Led Weaning (skipping pureed foods)- Click HereAdventures in Pictures BLW

Mashed blueberries and scrambled eggsAdventures in Pictures BLW

Split peas and spaghetti squashAdventures in Pictures BLW

Avocado and refried beansAdventures in Pictures BLW

regular (steal cut oats) oatmeal and diced banana

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