Cloth Diaper Failure

I suck at cloth diapers.

It’s true. I have tons of cloth diapers. I cloth diapered Eve for a full 16 months and maybe bought 2 packs of disposables during that time. I loved cloth diapering and didn’t  understand the fuss from people who felt it was too inconvenient. It was so easy! What do you mean too much work? Then we moved and we didn’t have the luxury of taking our amazing front loader, sanitizing washer with us. I found that old washing machines do not do nearly as good of a job and that the itty bitty washing machine we have now (we have a tiny apartment utility washer and dryer that we are trying to wash 6 peoples clothing in) takes an eternity and if I’m washing diapers in it then our dirty clothing doesn’t get done fast enough. Oh and I have two kids in diapers so I cannot go as long without washing anymore.

Cloth Diaper Failure

Ive thought to myself before that I could be doing part time cloth diapers at least. CDing at home and disposables out or something but it just never works for more than a day or two before I’m back to feeling like I’m drowning in diapers and dirty clothing. So now I have tons of cloth diapers not being used and am spending money regularly on disposables. I hate it. I really do. With our washer it just does not feel like an option to really cloth diaper and there is no end in sight for getting rid of our washer (especially since its the landlords). Maybe someday I’ll get my act together with it all. Maybe I’ll find a way to balance it all or we will come across tons of money and I’ll get my dream laundry room where I can wash my cloth dipes in with no stress again. I want so much to pull out the rockin green detergent again and have soft cloth dipes on my babies butt. After all, after using cloth diapers, paper diapers feel horrible! I cringe the 20 times a day that I wrap the crinkly toxic cheapo diapers on my kids behinds. I feel option-less, though. That the only way I’d ever be able to do it and keep up would be to never stop cranking laundry in and out of the washer and dryer.

I continue to hold out hope, though. I’m not willing to sell the diapers even though I know someone else could get more use out of them and I can always use the extra money. I’m not ready to part with them yet. That would be giving up just too much. So I hold on to my dusting depressing box of pretty fluffy booty diapers and keep buying these ridiculous disposables in hopes that some day (while my kids are still in diapers) I will get a home with a washer. Or at least get a good washer and drying in our current home.Cloth Diaper Failure

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