Flush the Thrush

Maybe you started out having a burning, stinging pain while nursing? Maybe you got a very uncomfortable itching? Maybe everything started tasting off and your tongue has noticeable white on it? Chances are- you have a yeast infection (or thrush which is a yeast infection in the mouth or breast).  It often will follow being on antibiotics but for many people they can just pop up at random too. This irritation is a result of too much yeast in the body and not enough good bacteria to keep it under control. The reason antibiotics often cause yeast infections is because it kills the good (probiotics) along with the bad germs. And when you do not have probiotics in your body, you get yeast. So what do we do about it?

Flush the Thrush

1- Get on good probiotics
Our bodies need higher levels of positive bacteria. Because foods are heavily processed, killing the good bacterias in them, most people do not receive the probiotics through their diets that they should. There are probiotics added to many yogurts and in keifer (a yogurt like beverage) but it isn’t typically enough to rid the body of a yeast outbreak. The best probiotics for outbreaks are not in the local pharmacy. The health food and vitamin shops often carry them. One way to know it’s a higher quality probiotic is it has to be refrigerated. Probiotics with all the necessary living strains cannot maintain life on a shelf. They need to be kept cold. If the pharmacy does not have them in the fridge, they aren’t going to be as helpful. They should have a number on it that says something along the lines of “50 billion count. 10 strains of probiotics” or higher. There are lots of brands out there and as long as they follow these guidelines, I don’t really see any difference between them, though others may know more about different quality brands (feel free to comment in that case).

2- Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Any apple cider vinegar may help but the raw organic ones are the most helpful. It can be used topically (and it can be diluted if infected person is extremely sensitive in the area but most can use it without dilution comfortably) and it can be taken orally. If used orally, I highly recommend adding it to a flavored beverage. It is not the yummiest thing to drink by far but it does help kick that infection. It can be used as many times per day as a person wants to apply it but I recommend at least applying it 3x per day. If nursing and adding it to breasts, it is safe for babies mouth but does taste bad so using an unscented, sensitive wipe just to wipe it off  gently before nursing should be enough. Using harsh soaps or scrubbing it off the breasts will cause them to become irritated and breastfeeding to be more painful.

3-Grapeseed Extract
Grapeseed extract is fantastic for kicking yeast topically but it has to be diluted! a lot. Saturate a cotton ball in water and then just add a few drops of GSE to the cotton ball (start with 1 drop the first time and then up the drops as seen what is comfortable). GSE is very strong and using too much can burn so diluting is very important.
Flush the Thrush

4-Skip Sugar and Starches
Yeast feeds off sugary and starchy foods. Eating sweets and breads and pastas will keep the yeast infection from leaving as quickly. For sweet foods, try sticking with fruit. Proteins and veggies are better foods to stick with while trying to kick an infection of yeast.

5- Monistat/Prescription Meds
Most people do not have to go on the medications that a doctor can provide but for anyone too uncomfortable who is not getting results quick enough, they can sometimes help get someone comfortable quicker. Even when on medications for yeast probiotics should be taken. While monistat and prescription yeast medication help the topical infection, they don’t get to the root cause of the outbreak and weeks after being clear of yeast, the outbreak will often return just as bad or worse. Taking the probiotics along with medications is best so that internal levels of yeast and probiotics is getting balanced while the physical outbreak is being cleared up.

Please Note, I am not a doctor, nor do I have any degree or certification in health. This info is purely based off personal experience and my own research. If anyone has any questions, concerns or health issues- contacting a nutritionist, health specialist or doctor is best.