Review: Babyhawk Mei Tai

I am in no way associated with any companys. My reviews are pure opinion pieces.  I payed full price for this product and was not at all bribed or influenced to lie or exaggerate about my experiences.

You may have heard of the Babyhawk mei tai carrier.  Maybe you have one already and know all of this that I’m about to tell you. But in case you havent heard of them or had the pleasure of using one of their carriers, you should know, they are not lieing when they say they are “the cure to the common carrier”!

First, when you get on the babyhawk website , you will find OPTIONS. More fabric designs than you can think up are available. And for those of us who are super indecisive (or just in love with too many designs to pick only one), there is the option of a double sided carrier. That was a major win for me, who likes my carrier to somewhat match my outfit. I am wearing it after all, it should match! So, I spend approximately 3 hours deciding what design I want with what color carrier. OH, I should say- I very enjoyable 3 hours. After I finally got settled on what I was content to be my carrier- I spent another hour deciding what the perfect design would be for my BFF if she ever has a baby. And what I would get my neighbor if they ever have a baby. And what I would get myself if I got a second carrier. I guess you can say, I enjoyed designing carriers on their site!

Review Babyhawk Mei Tai

a screen shot of me playing around designing on the babyhawk site

If you don’t like spending hours designing custom carriers, or you want to get the carrier quicker and not wait for it to be made (not that they take that long but custom always takes longer than premade) they do have a premade section and from what I can see- it looks like that are pretty awesome at putting designs together as well. So that is also an option.Review Babyhawk Mei Tai

For people who like the buckle design, they now have the “Oh Snap” carriers too, which means less tying for you. This is not what I have, though. I have a Regular Mei Tai, so back to that!

I got my babyhawk for my second daughter. I didnt use it with her until she was already a good solid, sitting up sized baby. There was a slight learning curve to getting it put on just right and learning to get baby safely in and out of it but I already had experience with baby wraps and these were way easier and quicker than a wrap carrier. I quickly learned that the X on my chest while doing a back carrier was NOT a flattering look for my milk engorged self and checked their website and found in their instructions that they have fantastic picture with written out instructions for a back carry that is more like a backpack and doesn’t mark my chest like there is buried treasure down there. And for those like me who really need to SEE what to do, they even have video footage of how to do their carries.

In this picture of me babywearing Ariel, I was just learning how to use my babyhawk. She was a little too low and I figured out how to strap her in better after this but even with still being in the learning stages and not having a perfect tie, we were both comfortable, happy and she was 150% safe. Babyhawks website and talking to others who had been using mei tai’s longer helped me perfect my carry quickly.

I continued to use and enjoy my babyhawk for some time. I even used it quite a bit after I got pregnant again, finding a snug way to strap Ariel in without getting in the way of my growing baby belly. It was absolutely on my list of top 3 favorite carriers.

And then I had Grace.

When Grace was born I was curious about how the babyhawk would work out for a newborn. I had heard of people using mei tai’s for infants but I was definitely leery and thought that it could be dangerous, imagining the sides of it just giving her too much space and allowing her to plop right out of it. I looked up some photos of others using mei tai carriers for newborns and decided to give it a careful try.Review Babyhawk Mei Tai

I placed it a little higher to keep her on my chest, just like I would hold her without a carrier and carefully froggy-legged her in there and oh my! Perfection. The carrier snuggly closed in around her body as I tied it and held her securely to me. She was comfy and happy in there and fell right to sleep on me and I was free to move and play with my toddlers and make meals and do all the mom duties I had to do, all while getting to hold my newborn close to me. My Babyhawk quickly upgraded to being my number 1 favorite carrier for being able to so nicely accommodate my newborn.

Grace is now 9 months old and my babyhawk is still my go to carrier whether I’m home or going shopping and I’m sure it will continue to be for many years, since it still holds my toddlers so comfortably as well. I have recommended this carrier to friends with toddlers, older babies, and young babies and if there’s one thing we all end up having in common, it’s a love for babyhawk. I have used some mom made and off brand mei tai’s, and while their basic design is the same, they are never as comfortable as my babyhawk, which is full of padding for shoulders. Even the other brands that have some shoulder padding, it just is never done as well as theirs.

I know a lot of moms are often hesitant to buy this carrier for a young baby, but I cannot say enough good things. For many of us, buying a carrier that will only last a few months and then switching to another carrier isn’t always an affordable option and this carrier is the solution! Not to mention, it is on the low end of carrier cost when comparing high quality carriers. Many of the good, seated carriers cannot be found for under $100 but if you keep your babyhawks design simplictic and don’t add too many extra features, it’s easy to keep the carrier cost under $100. That really cannot be beat for a carrier that gets such long use! As they say, it’s the cure to the common carrier. After using mine for 2 years now, my babyhawk is in just as good of shape as it was when it first arrived. I feel confident in telling you that this is a fantastic product that will last a long time and get good use!

If any of you really loved this review and want to bless me with a New babyhawk (because, come on, there’s no such thing as too many mei tai carriers!) I’ll take one of these please!  ;)Review Babyhawk Mei Tai

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